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The Two Sons of God


Rev. Dale R. Andre, D.D.

Revised 2008


I respectfully dedicate this book to the truth
of the Gospel of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ
and the faithful ministry of the Word of God.
Dedication to such a ministry has not been
without costs, nor has it been without rewards.
The Lord has provided great spiritual blessings to
my wife, son, two daughters, grandchildren,
and their children, as well as to our church:
for such and for whom I am sincerely thankful.



I Lessons from the Fall
II Lessons from the First Two Sons
III Lessons from Adam to Abraham
IV Lessons from Abraham, the Friend of God
V Lessons from the Two Sons of Abraham
VI Lessons from the Life of Isaac
VII Lessons from the Lives of Jacob and Esau
VIII Lessons from Haman and Mordecai
IX Lessons from Christ Our Passover
X The Flesh & the Spirit in the Church Age (The Sower)
XI The Flesh & Spirit in the Church Age (The Tares & The Wheat)
XII The Flesh & Spirit in the Church Age (The Mustard Seed)
XIII The Flesh & Spirit in the Church Age (The Leaven)
XIV The Flesh & Spirit in the Church Age (The Treasure & The Pearl of Great Price)
XV The Flesh & Spirit in Church Age (The Net in The Sea)


The entire book in one file

The Two Sons of God


Copyright 1985

Revised 2008

Grace Baptist Church, 4101 River Road,
Eugene, Oregon 97404

First Revision 1988
Second Revision 2004

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