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Rev. Dale R. Andre, D.D.


This book is respectfully dedicated
to my father in the Lord,
Rev. Artel Stewart, D.D., Th.D.,
who upon first hearing its premise
thought I had lost my spiritual mind, but
after reading it, and studying
the Scriptures, wholeheartedly concurred
with the truth conveyed in
Removing the Mask.



I The Twelve Tribes Scattered Abroad
II Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work
III If Any of You Lack Wisdom
IV The Rich Man Shall Fade in His Ways
V The Perfect Law of Liberty
VI Pure Religion Is This
VII The Transition
VIII Respecters of Person Are Law Breakers
IX Faith Without Works
X The Faith of Abraham & Rahab
XI Be Not Many Masters
XII Lie Not Against the Truth
XIII The Wisdom That Is From Above
XIV Ye Adulterers & Adultresses
XV Purify Your Hearts, Ye Double Minded
XVI Speak Not Evil One of Another
XVII Go to Now, Ye Rich Men
XVIII Establish Your Hearts
XIX Is Any Weak Among You?
XX Removing the Mask

You may also download "Removing the Mask" in one complete file here.


Copyright 1986

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