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This is the archived website for the Grace Baptist Church. Here you will find our historical audio messages and publications.

This is the website of the Grace Baptist Church of Eugene, Oregon.
Grace Baptist is an independent, fundamental Baptist church which was
organized August 28, 1980, with 27 charter members. These members
resolved to band together as a local assembly of the body of Christ for
the furtherance of the gospel of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The church' s mission is the proclamation of the gospel for the salvation
of souls; the identification of those saved with the death, burial and
resurrection of Jesus Christ through baptism by immersion in water; the
teaching of those individuals through sound exposition of all of the
Word of God, diligently studied, and rightly divided; the fellowship of
the saints through the apostles' doctrine, breaking of bread (in
remembrance of Jesus Christ until He returns again to this earth to
establish His Kingdom), and prayer. To this end this church is
steadfastly dedicated (that by the grace of God, through faith in His
Word) it might be faithful to that which the Lord has committed to its

We do not believe in putting a price tag on our ministry, because we
believe our Lord' s promise, that if we seek first the kingdom of God,
and His righteousness, all of the necessary things will be added unto us.
We know that the Lord accomplishes this by the freewill offerings of
believers. Nevertheless these offering must be given willingly, and not
of necessity. Therefore, all of the material on this site: recorded
messages, articles, and books are available for the use of the web
browser, free of charge for personal use, and for individual growth in
the things of the Lord. However, none of the material on this site may
be publicly used, or reproduced for other than personal use without the
expressed written consent of Grace Baptist Church, 4101 River Road,
Eugene, OR 97404.

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